Interior and Trim


These sets are custom manufactured as close to the original short pile “Carvel” type as possible. Cut and fit as original including moulded tunnel pieces. Sets include tunnel padding and floor snaps. Available in original colors. Please specify if right hand drive.

Part # Description Application
CK747 Deluxe carpet set. 2dr/4dr/conv/trav LHD  56-on, not pu/van
CK745 Deluxe carpet set, 2dr/4dr/conv/trav LHD  53-55 (Series 2)
CK743 Deluxe carpet set, 2dr/4dr/conv LHD  48-53 (Series MM)
CK741 Deluxe carpet set, Pickup & Van only LHD  All years
CK749 Traveller cargo area grey hardura mat set  All years


Moulded, riveted hardboard with flocked interior as originally fitted.

Part # Description Application
GB710 (LH)  GB711 (RH) Glovebox liner, 2dr/4dr/conv/trav/van/pu Oct 54 to 62. All years of van/pu.
GB712 (LH)  GB713 (RH) Glovebox liner, 2dr/4dr/conv/trav 62-64 (has chrome bead edge trim)
GB714 (LH)  GB715 (RH) Glovebox liner, 2dr/4dr/conv/trav 48-54 (Series MM) and 64-71
GB724 Glovebox mounting clip set (4) All


Custom cut in near original cloth with pockets sewn in for the roof bows and along the side for the tension cables. Although we see mostly cream color, light grey is available also.

Part # Description Application
HL725 Headliner, 4-bow with small rear window, 2dr/4dr 53-55 Early Series 2 cars
HL724 Headliner, 4-bow with large rear window, 2dr/4dr 55-57 Late Series 2 and early 1000
HL726 Headliner, 3-bow with large rear window, 2dr/4dr 58-on
HL729 Headliner, pickup and van Years with suspended headlining to 68

Rubber floormat. Made of very flexible heavy ribbed rubber with “Morris 1000” moulded into corner. These are reversible so they can be flipped over when worn or used on either side of the car. Sold singly.