Part # Description Application
1G2062 Spindle, distributor drive
12A1136 Retainer, drive spindle
2A125 Plate, engine mounting, front (single timing chain)
12G1311 Plate, engine mounting, front (duplex timing chain)
12G619 Gasket, front plate to crankcase
2A84 Plate, locating, camshaft
6K629 Nut, retaining, camshaft gear
WKN505 Key, camshaft sprocket
12G729 Flange, drive, camshaft to oil pump 1275 only
Cam, 9/10 stk Reground camshaft, pin drive, stock profile 803, 948, 1098
Cam, 9/10 perf Reground camshaft, pin drive, mild performance (smooth idle) 803, 948, 1098
Cam, 1275 stk Reground camshaft, flange drive, stock profile 1275
Cam, 1275 perf Reground camshaft, flange drive, mild performance (smooth idle) 1275
Pushrods — See Rocker Assembly
Tappets — See Rocker Assembly


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