Part # Description Application
12G2049 Distributor assy (original points type 25D)
41427E Distributor assy (later 45D w/electonic installed)
DC1 Distributor cap (side entry) 803, 948 engines
DC6 Distributor cap (push-on, top entry) 1098 engines
409635 Distributor cap 918 flathead engine
RA1 Rotor arm 918, 803, 948 and 1098
5 & 6
TK50 Points and condenser set 803, 948, 1098
DSB122 Ignition point set 918 flathead engine
C10 Ignition condenser (replacement) 918 flathead engine
422238 Distributor terminal (screw-on) 803, 948
54413549 Distributor terminal (push-on spade fitting) 1098
54411985 Vacuum advance assy (push-on fitting) 803, 948, 1098
GCL101 Ignition coil (threaded nose, uses coil nut)
GCL110 Ignition coil (push-in coil wire)
DLB105 Lucas Sport Coil (push-in)
408120 Coil nut
185015 Coil nut washer
Not Shown
BP6ES Spark plug (3/4″ reach) 803, 948, 1098
BP6HS Spark plug (1/2″ reach) 918 flathead engine
Not Shown
LHT752 Ignition wire set (solid core) Side entry caps (DC1)
LHT753 Ignition wire set (resistor core) Top entry push-in caps (DC6)

Electronic Ignition Kits

These Pertronix kits replace the entire points plate within your existing DM2 or 25D Lucas distributor. There are no external components, just two wires exit the distributor, one to each side of the coil and thats it.

LU142      fits negative ground installations.

LU142AP12     fits positive ground installations.


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